How to use Gameface

Gameface is our daily face moisturizer, when we say daily, we mean religiously, every morning and if required later in the day. We recommend it is the first instinct after a shower or wash and certainly after a long day in the sun. We have designed it to serve three masters; Hydration – providing vitamin rich moisture to the surface of the skin, that helps to build up a barrier and keep the harsh conditions of UV rays, smog, and air conditioning at bay. Balancing – Jojoba and Horopito work together with the skins natural oils to make up for dry patches and reduce overly oily blemishes, balancing oil production and smoothing skin. And finally Toning and Lifting, Ponga fern or more specifically a polysaccharide chain unique to Ponga fern, that we have identified and isolated, adds tensile elasticity to the surface of the skin. This is proven in clinical trials and show that when used regularly it reduces sag and wrinkly skin. Together this triumvirate makes Gameface a masterful daily moisturizer. Slap it on, dab it or apply gently with caressing strokes of kindness, whatever you application technique the results will be the same. Hydrated, toned, and balanced skin that will support you throughout the day. Gameface is simply the best daily moisturizer on the market.


1/ Light and non-greasy. Engineered to hydrate and rejuvenate skin, it is specifically designed to be non oily and easily absorbed.

2/ Gameface is a natural formulation that utilises clinically proven green science to deliver lift, tightening and protection against the elements.

3/ Unique indigenous New Zealand ingredients – Ponga fern and Horopito leaf – both deliver antioxidant and healing properties.


Jojoba - (pronounced ho-HO-ba) is a botanical extract from the seed of the jojoba tree. Jojoba helps make Gameface light and non-greasy, being a wax ester it is the closest thing to the oil your skin naturally produces, so it is easily absorbed and works with your skin rather than fighting against it. 

Ponga - (Cyathea Cumingii) is an amazing species of fern that grows right down the bottom of the world in New Zealand. It has natural properties that are proven to deliver lift, reduce wrinkles and deliver a natural toning and tightening effect on your skin. The magic is its unique composition of polysaccharides which form an elastic film that tightens and lifts. 

Horopito - (Pseudowintera Colorata) found in New Zealand's backcountry, is one of the world's oldest flowering plants, having been around for over 65 million years due in large part to its amazing chemical defence system. Horopito works as a fantastic antioxidant and conditioning agent in Gameface.

Fragrance - a bespoke, natural formulation that may remind you of a mystical gypsy woman you once knew, mingled with the sweet mist of an ancient rainforest at dawn – yes we really said that… Actually, it is a combination of; Patchouli, Cedar, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender & Sandalwood.