On the Road 2.0

all he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road

jack Kerouac – on the road

life is a journey, it’s a cliché, but its true, we are all on our own paths, creating our own stories, living our own adventures. And as we grow and evolve we cling to those things; moments, people, markers, that provide inspiration and insights that reshape us and help us evolve. Growing up one of those ‘things’ for me was the book ‘on the road’ by Jack Kerouac. A coming of age story about oblivion, friendship, freedom, counter culture and the art of not caring. It was seminal for me. Part of its essence I still hold dear, like a fall back position or a safety net, reminding me there is freedom in knowing that if all else fails, I can still hit the road.

The idea of travelling light, having no fixed abode, going where your whims guide you, giving the bird to the man, is recklessly romantic and the definition youthful foolishness, and I loved it. Actually I believed in it. Loved the danger of it, the lack of respect, the in your face anti society, fuck the world, prancing ambition of it all.


The book set the scene for a generation, the beats, then it became the stock and form for all aspiring young rebels trying to find a way. It still resonates today.

So naming our travel pack after this counter culture masterpiece was not only meaningful to me, it was also a call to action to live up to the picture I had carved for myself of how to live, how to be. The product like the book represents freedom. A willingness to get up and go. To hit the road, to only carry the bare essentials, to not look back, and to show a clean set of heels.

So ‘on the road’ the product, like the book is for travellers, searchers, poets, deadbeats, dreamers. Its serves those who find themselves a long way from home and their options endless. But maybe also it helps them carry a little bit of their compass with them.  A clean shave. Fresh skin and clean face. I just hope Jack would approve.

On the road 2.0 is a new and improved version, out with the plastic, in with the recyclable aluminium, we have added a soap, a face clothe and it now comes in a reusable canvas bag, so you can continue to feather your nest with flotsam and jetsam found along the path. We figure there is enough here for a month on the road, long enough to lose yourself and still come back whole.